Find Me

Find Me is a app design for an app to help you find your things. It would work through a system of stickers, in which you'd buy in bulk, apply to your possessions, and register them to the app. The stickers would have small tracking devices in them and once registered, and lost, could track and map you to the location of your lost item. You could track anything, your wallet, your keys, your backpack. And with a simple, clean design, it's super easy to use!




Loyno Lunar

Loyno Lunar is an app design for an app moon calendar weather app. It would function by telling you the high's and lows, local temperature and humidity. It would also function as a lunar calendar complete with monthly moon charts, and astrological charting as well. From the handmade aesthetic to the clean finish of the app, this witchy weather app is designed to reach for the stars.