The Soul Stoned Festival 

The Soul Stoned Festival was an event which I cohosted with my partner Johnny Andrade with his company The Soul Stoned. Johnny co-owns The Soul Stoned with his brother Pedro Gomes who designed this flier. The Soul Stoned Festival was a multi-experiential event complete with four bands, live projection, live spray painting, two vendors and eight artists. I curated the artists and vendors for the show. This show was the first Soul Stoned event in New Orleans. 


THE SOUL STONED Presents: Back on Wax 

Back on Wax was an event Johnny Andrade and I cohosted through The Soul Stoned. The second of it's New Orleans Series, Back On Wax was a throwback celebrating all things vinyl. Having two live Vinyl DJ sets, David D'angelo and his band perform, as well as four vendors, one of which sold Vinyl, and two artists. I curated the artists and vendors for the show. Flier design by Pedro Gomes.



I cohosted this event with my friends at the Willow. It was a live Hip Hop and Photography exhibit in which I curated the photographers and invited friends Jckie Jewls, Barin the Great, and J. Real Hip Hop to perform. Flier design by Kaitlynn Clement.